Thursday, 16 January 2014

Friday, 10 January 2014

The R.E.L.A.Y by Kayuh Kuat Kuat.

The Relay was a really intense race.Team gofixed together with Bike 360 form up a group of 3 to participate in the race. To end the night zainal from team Eatsh!t secured the 1st placing while team GO360 secured 2nd following by Team Blackhawks.

Kayuh Kuat Kuat Relay from Crank Arm Steady on Vimeo.

Friday, 20 December 2013

What is a crit? Criterium race.

Our boys went to Kuala Lumpur with the help of Syed shahrul from BBC//EnjoyCycling to participate in a criterium race organise by AYUHKAYUH crew.Race commence at 10.30pm with 1 neutral lap and there was 20 laps in total. Ghazzi DNF the race cause by a cramp on the right leg while Ghaffari finish 8th.Overall its a awesome race,fast pace and the most is we enjoyed the race!
 Ghaffari and Ghazzi before the race.
 With the winner and the organiser and also the BBC president.
 With Hadi mazali from KL.

Video recap from AYHKYH!

AYUHKAYUH - What is a crit? (recap) from Syafiq Rahmat on Vimeo.

Holy Crit Round 2

Holy Crit! October from Crank Arm Steady on Vimeo.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

HolyCrit! 270913

 HolyCrit was a blast! 4 of our mens went to participate the holy criterium race organized by FixUpYourGear.The race commence at 11pm and all riders gathered at the starting line and waiting for the rolling start,led by yasin rahim from CAS.During 25 minutes of the race,the race was interupted by the authorities.After Zul awab settle things down,the race resume again with a total of 14 riders and they left with 15minutes to finish it.Nearing to the finishing line,ghazzi and faz were battling for 1st.After few checking on the camera and video,the final result : 1st Faz adhili 2nd Ghazzi 3rd Amar Ashraf
 Them boys with their number tags.
 Ghazzi getting ready for warm up.
 Juned and Ghazzi
 The team at the starting line.
 Faz with the prize money.
The winners!
Video Recap By Crank Arm Steady.

Holy Crit! from Crank Arm Steady on Vimeo.

Monday, 2 September 2013


Its suppose to be our normal sunday morning but it turns out to be a great duathlon race for Ghazzi and raihan.Competitors gather at changi carpark as early as 6.45am to do their warming up. The race started at 9am,after the horn sound,all competitors ran for 1.5km along in park and came back to ride for 15km along changi coastal and when back to ran another 1.5km.We would like to congratulate Saeful hakim for winning in the mens catergory and Judith sim in the womens catergory. Mad props to the organizer for making it happened and we looking forward for the next dualthlon race.
Ghazzi getting ready before the race.

                                                                  Sabrina's whip.
Saeful hakim making his way to coastal.

Ammar ashraf.

fazboi heading for the swap.

Aftermath,you did well boys!

Top 3 womens.

Top 3 mens.

Gofixed with the good guys from Famefxd and Colossi.